Two artists…one studio. 

Welcome to the fine art of Richard Lorenz and Tina Louise.

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Silent Echoes Studio – is the creative space for Richard (Rick) Lorenz…painter, and Tina Louise…photographer / author. Growing up in south Louisiana, these two artists have taken their art to new levels…filled with encouragement…to lift the soul, and full of whimsey…to make you smile.
Together they travel the U.S. exhibiting their art from New Orleans to Chicago…Pensacola to Tuscon…Houston to Detroit…and everywhere in between! “Travel with us…the journey has just begun!”

“The greatest achievement was at first…and for a time…a DREAM. The oak sleeps in the acorn, the bird waits in the egg, and in the highest vision of the soul…a waking ANGEL stirs. Dreams are the seedlings of all realities.” – James Allen

Art has the unique ability to ‘speak’ to the soul in a way we can’t possibly understand. A picture speaks a thousand words…music is the universal language. 

Art is, has always been, and always will be…man kinds highest form of communication.



“We are honored to realize our gifts in a way that has the potential of reaching the souls of others…impacting many in a profound way.
This of course…is the true nature and epic power of art. “If the viewer is left with a new thought, encouraged to explore their own creative abilities, or simply refreshed or inspired…we have used our gifts responsibly …and are honored to be counted among a long and illustrious line of creative misfits.

And so it is…the creative spirit is our human inheritance. It is in our DNA.
Everyone of us has this gift to create (each in his/her own way). We all have the potential for greatness…it’s already in you.
“Don’t you know…you already have wings!? It’s your time to fly!”

Together, Rick and Tina tour the country…exhibiting their art in some of the finest galleries and most prestigious fine art venues in the United States.

“Stop in and say ‘Hi’. We could be in your city soon. From New Orleans to St. Louise, Salt Lake City to Miami, Detroit to Tucson, Houston to Little Rock, Dallas to Omaha…and everywhere in between.

“Listen to your heart…silent echoes of the soul…echoes of truth…hidden deep within…when all was new…silent echoes of YOU.”

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Check it out...a few of Tina's angels along the way.  Enjoy!  Share with a friend!

'SEND ME AN ANGEL - the art of angels'. Our latest 'angel art' by SILENT ECHOES STUDIO.  Music created and copyrighted by 'SCORPIONS'  "Love this song!"  Share with a friend!